Refund Policy

Zero11 SRL offers a 15 day refund or money back guarantee on selected products you purchase from to make sure that you get the most value from your purchase. The refund is based on the following terms, especially designed to that the refund policy is not been abused or taken advantage of it. If you have any questions about our refund policy, please send us an email at

Note: It is clearly mentioned in all possible ways that our products could be ioncube protected and ioncube loaders could be required to install/use our products. So it should be confirmed that your hosting supports ioncube loaders, the version and method or get support to enable it for your account before the purchase. Any refund request claiming because of not possible ioncube support is not eligible as it is possible to use the product by simply changing the host.

A refund is only provided when

  • A product you purchased is buggy or incomplete or not resolved at time.
  • A product you purchased is not working and this has been confirmed by Zero11.

Note : It is your responsibility to give us access to instance in which our product is installed or any alternate methods like a common staging/testing site to ensure the claims are valid and eligible from our end.


We are committed to support all our valuable customers to solve any product related issues under certain terms as explained further. It is clear that we are limited to support our product only. Any issues arise out of our products are not covered in free support like environment side issues, conflict because of any customizations, issues/warnings due to other installed plugins/modules. Also the user should arrange to provide valid informations, if needed access to installed instance to provide timely support . If access to the instance is not possible then a common staging/test instance should be provided as alternative to provide valid support.

A refund can not be provided when

  • A product you buy works well as defined and is not a buggy one.
  • If the reason is that the product is not fit to your needs. All product information & features are available in detail in our website and any questions should be clarified before the purchase.
  • If the product works well as expected but it is not working for your specific need/case, even after proper support from us.
  • Due to delays because of fatal errors in activation due to wrong domain or php version provided in order. We can reissue the licensed product but this will be processed manually. So such delays cannot be a reason.
  • User should ensure that a reasonable time is available for product activation, support etc., as some cases need to be solved after evaluating complete instance. So in such cases no deadlines can be specified for such delays as it is not s direct product issue. Any how we can support you to some extend as far as requested details are provided without any hesitation, restrictions or delays.

We have mentioned all the details above to make it sure that our customers get the benefit of a refund at the same time making sure the policy is not abused by anyone, since you are provided with the digitable product and license, ask for a refund and still continue to use the product. We hope you agree and fully comply with our policy and would be happy to answer any queries and suggestions regarding our Terms and Policies.

*** These terms of Service can be changed at any moment without any notice. It is your responsibility to check this Agreement periodically for changes. For any further information please email webmaster