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To start selling using our plugins you must have a running website povered by one of these platforms:

  • Wordpress with Woocommerce 3.x
  • Magento versione 1.9.x (No 2.x)
  • Prestashop versione 1.6.x or 1.7.x
  • Shopify

Don't you have an ecommerce website? Request a quote.

Brandsync Magento Prestashop Wordpress Shopify

Buy our plugin

Buy form this site plugin version designed for your shop. (Magento, Prestashop, Wordpress or Shopify Plugin).

If you will choose to pay with wire transfer, you will be able to download only after we will receive your payment (after 3-4 working days). You will receive an email with download link when order will change status.

To discover more visit our pirici table in order to understand our services among different subscriptions please read this comparison pricing table.


Brandsdistribution API Key

Before installing the plugin you have to purchase the Dropshipping service from and get the API Key. The API Key is required to synchronize your data with the shop, you can find your API key under "My subscriptions" in your Brandsdistribution profile next to the word "Roles".


install your plug-in

Follow our guides and install our plug-in in your shop.

If you think to don't be able to install by yourself, buy our plugin with installation package or buy our consulting services alone.


Cron and attributes

In order to run our plying requires cron setting and attributes configuration in the proper way.


Start selling!

If your status panel is OK and everything is configured in the proper way, you can start selling your products and start selling.

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